Welcome to Local 782 Apprentice and Journeymen Training

Apprenticeship is the heart and soul of our union. By setting high standards, apprenticeship maintains the quality and productivity of our workforce. Labor and management jointly administer our apprenticeship program, it is a time-tested model for what education is all about, giving young people usable skills. Our entry-level members complete their 5-year apprenticeship with a full understanding of the basics of the trade. They are well-rounded journey workers, ready and able to meet what ever challenges are set by their employers.

When an apprentice becomes a journeyman, his or her education is not over. In fact our members are very serious about pursuing life long training and most of them take advantage of the many opportunities that exist at the Training Center to update and expand their skills. For example you will find our members working on a construction site installing plumbing or medical gas systems or pipefitters installing heating and cooling lines or they may be making service calls as a residential plumber or air conditioning mechanic. But at night after a hard days work, those same UA craftsman may be found at our local union training center studying subjects like welding, Backflow Prevention, Medical Gas Installation, and plumbing code review.

In addition our 5 year apprenticeship programs offer numerous opportunities that include training and certification in welding, valve repair, Backflow Prevention, Safe Removal of Refrigerants, OSHA Safety, Advanced Foreman Training, Medical Gas Piping, and Plumbing and Mechanical Code Updates, and certifications through the UA Star program.

Because of our extensive training curriculum with new programs being added all the time, UA Plumbers & Pipefitters local 782 will continue to lead the industry in supplying the best-trained workforce well into the 21st century.

UA Local 782 has made the commitment and investment to ensure a skilled workforce for our contractors that can get the job done right, on time, and frequently under budget. A workforce that will give the public a quality construction product in their homes, hospitals, shopping malls, power plants and workplaces.